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General Rules

For Men

This is a free website and you are not charged any fees to use our service, therefore we are not in a legally binding agreement or obligation to help you connect with any women. We choose to help if you represent yourself honestly and that you meet the requirements of the woman.

You must read the profile form carefully and provide complete and accurate personal information when supplying your profile including your first name, email and so on. The only information that is not required is your phone and mobile phone number. If we think that you are providing false information then we will not forward your profile to the woman of your choice. We reserve the right to contact you from time to time to verify your details.

Although not compulsory, you are encouraged to email your picture to us in order for us to provide to the woman so they can see who they are dealing with. Your picture should be not be older than three years. By sending us your picture, it means you give us permission to forward your picture to the woman. Other than the woman, your picture will never be disclosed or sold to any other party without your explicit permission.

You will not enter obscene, abusive, defamatory, threatening, harassing, illegal or objectionable material on the website. This includes inappropriate messages and images in your profile page.

Our staff are employed to monitor profiles on our server and pictures submitted via email. You are not paying a cent to use our service so we reserve the right at any time to remove your profile and any content you submit from the web site at our sole discretion. If we do remove your profile or any content you submit, there is no way of getting it back.

We reserve the right to store any information that you submit, and your personal information that you provide in your profile will be forward to the woman that you have asked us to send to. To protect your own privacy, we will not publish your profile page through our web site for the general public to view without your approval.

You must treat Lao woman with dignity and respect. And you must not communicate with, or attempt to communicate with, any woman who has indicated that she does not wish to communicate with you or to continue to communicate with you.

For Women

You make contact with men entirely at your own risk. Common sense should prevail and you are legally responsible for your own actions. You agree that has no responsibility or liability for any actions of you or other people including, without limitation, people that have provided their information and pictures under false pretences or who attempt to defraud or harm you.

Men may not be who they say they are on their profile. Although we do our best to give you the contacts of guys who we think are honest and nice, we are unable to confirm that any guys on this website is who they say they are. You must therefore exercise caution when dealing with other people. As an internet-based service, there are risks of guys misrepresenting themselves or presenting themselves under false pretences. This includes misrepresentations about their age, marital status, residence or any other attribute which we ask the men to provide.

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