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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of this site?

The purpose of is to help people find a Lao partner for friendship, romance, dating or possible marriage.

Do I need to signup as a member?

No, there is no membership registration on this site. Guys simply submit their information free of charge on the form provided and we forward his information to the woman of his choice if he meets her criteria.

I am a woman, can I post my profile and picture on this site?

Yes, but only woman of Lao or Issan background are welcome to send their profile and picture to be advertised on this site. There is no form for you to enter your profile through the site, you'll need to send us an email with some basic information about yourself and our specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why is the profile of the woman removed from this site?

The woman told us to remove her profile because she already found a partner and she is not interested in meeting anyone else, or it could be for other reasons.

When will I receive the woman's contact details?

If you meet her criteria, we will email you her contact details within 24 hours. Sometimes it may take abit longer especially when we have too many guys to check on the same day. If you don't hear from us within a few days, feel free to email us to find out what is going on.

Can Lao women on this site speak english?

English is not the first language in Laos, and most Lao women have a very basic knowledge of english.

Why is my date of birth necessary, why can't I just write my age?

Sometimes the age of a guy is important to some Lao women when they are looking for a relationship with a particular guy within their preferred age group.

The reason why we require guys to provide their date of birth rather than their age is because we like to keep people's profile page as accurate as possible. People's age will change all the time, and when we have hundreds or thousands of people on our list, we don't want to waste our time contacting everyone on a regular basis to check if their age has changed. It will also be too much of a hassle for us to keep updating everyones new age. A person's date of birth never needs to be updated.

The girls profile doesn't have their email, why is mine made public?

To protect the Lao womens privacy, we don't publish their email address on our site. If we did this, many people will bombarding them with email messages. Also please be aware that not every Lao women have an email address so we will provide other means of contacting her if you meet her requirements.

The reason why a guys email address is made public is so that other Lao women can get in touch with them, and not just the woman he was interested in. We understand that people are concerned about spammers harvesting their email addresses and sending junk email messages, but there are plenty of free web-based email providers on the internet that you can sign up for free. We recommend you sign up for a free email address to use on our site, and keep your main email address for only your friends and family to know.

More FAQs will be added soon

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