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How It Works is the premier Lao dating site on the internet. We provide a private and safe way for guys to meet genuine and beautiful woman from Laos, free of charge.

Basically, the way this website works is that we provide pictures and details of Lao women who are looking for friendship or a relationship. All women on are single and are looking for a long term relationship or new friends. The women come from Laos and they are nice, kind and friendly people.

Guys simply send their profile and our staff checks to see if their details match the woman's basic criteria. For example, lets say a guy writes in his profile that he is interested in a woman called Phenmaly. He is a 32 year old man of Lao descent but he lives in America, works as a computer programmer and he knows about Lao culture and tradition.

If he is Phenmaly's ideal guy (according to the information she provided to us) then we forward his information to Phenmaly. We then wait to hear back from Phenmaly and if she gives us permission for the guy to contact her then we email the guy and provide him with the means of contacting her. From there it's up to the guy to get in touch with the girl to set up a real date. On the other hand, if Phenmaly tells us that she is not interested in him then we don't provide the guy with her contact details. So if the guy doesn't receive an email from us then he knows the reason.

Do you know that only 5 percent of Lao women living in Laos have access to the internet, whether it be using the internet at school, work, home or an Internet Cafe. The reason for the small number is due to lack of IT knowledge, poor english skills and low income.

This makes it very difficult for guys to meet a Lao women in Laos over the internet, therefore we have come up with a solution that will help guys meet Lao women and vice versa. Over 60 percent of Lao women in Laos have a mobile phone so this makes it the best way to contact them.

Our vision is helping people connect on

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