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White Skin Lao Girls Versus Dark Skin

In western countries, caucasian girls with tanned skin are considered beautiful, healthy, protection against sun exposure and a sign of expensive living. But in Laos most Lao girls want to have white skin because it is a fashion statement.

The reason why Lao girls prefer their skin to be white is because white skin is considered wealthy, beautiful and attractive to men since most Lao men favour light skinned women.

On the other hand, Lao girls with dark skin conjures up images of poverty and farmers toiling in rice fields. The Lao way of thinking is that rich people stay indoors and poor people are outdoors, therefore going dark due to long hours of exposure to the sun.

When it comes to white skin, Japanese and Korean women have the most clear milky skin in the world but sometimes they appear too white and unattractive. Western caucasian women have white skin but their skin is generally dry with wrinkles and freckles so they tend to look older than they actually are. Both Lao and Thai girls have the most beautiful skin tones in the world because the girls from these countries are not too light and not too dark, they also have the most attractive facial features to match the natural skin tone of their body.

Similar to other Asian countries, Lao girls with white skin often enjoy more prestige and become big stars in Laos. Most singers, major actresses, television hosts and models in Laos have white and olive skin tones. Appearance matters in Laos and it could be the difference between getting a high-paying job and a low-paying job.

Interestingly, Lao girls with dark skin doesn't appeal to most Lao men but many falang men (western men) really love dark-skinned Lao girls. Travel anywhere in Laos and Isaan (north eastern Thailand) and it's not hard to come across many very tanned unattractive girls with falang men on the streets. The great thing about western men is that inner beauty is more important to them and they rarely judge women on their physical attributes, let alone their complexion.

So is a white skinned Lao girl better than a dark skinned Lao girl? The simple answer is no. Everybody will have their own views on what is considered "beautiful" for them. Lao girls are Lao girls and it's already beautiful to be a Lao race. It's okay to follow the fashion trend but a girl will look unnatural if they go overboard with whitening creams and lotions.

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