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True Love Lao Way

These are the qualities that your Lao girlfriend must have to prove that she really loves you.

She respects you

This is very important if a Lao woman is your girlfriend. She can't belittle you in any way, shape or form and she must treat you with respect and dignity. This means that she must show acceptable behaviour in front of your friends, family and relatives. She must also listen to you, even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with what you’re saying, she will always be prepared to discuss matters with you in private if she really love you as her boyfriend.

If there is a lack of communication and understanding in your relationship and she treats her friends better than you then that is not a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It's a sign that you are being used and she sees you as just some guy.

She doesn't control you

Do not get involved with a Lao woman if she controls you. You will know this by observing the way she treats you on a daily basis. If she always wants money or never making you something to eat or insist that you wash your own clothes and demanding you do this and that all the time then that's controlling you.

In Lao culture, Lao women are generally known to be hard workers around the house so if she is not prepared to do anything or she does very little for you and you treat her like a queen then disaster is coming and you're just hurting yourself further by staying in the relationship.

Another thing, if she never takes "no" for an answer and she makes a sad face and becomes emotional then that's just trying to make you feel guilty and sorry for her. Don't ever let her control you and don't always agree with her, if she truly loves you then she will understand your situation.

The two of you have to be on the same page

You and your Lao girlfriend should be compatible with similar personality traits and interests. If you enjoy sitting at home in front of the computer and she's a "freestyle" sort of person who is into socialising and dancing then that's a problem.

If you are in love with a Lao woman who is very different to you then you have to be willing to change your lifestyle to match hers otherwise the relationship will not work out in the long term. To try to change her is difficult because people never change except if they want to. The bottom line is that you must change or don't waste your life and time hoping, waiting, dreaming and expecting for her to change if it isn't going to happen.

She must prove that she loves you

If you are her boyfriend and future husband then she must put your interests, wants and needs first. Her family and friends come second. You don't want to be involved in a serious relationship, let alone marry a Lao woman who is not dedicated to you and taking care of you less than what she does with other people. She must love you just as much as she loves her parents. You are about to start a new life together and really, you want to marry someone who you can live with and you can trust 100%, and not someone who will use you for their personal and their families financial gain.

If she truly loves you, she will remember special days such as your birthday. Some Lao women are very traditional and they don't celebrate birthdays and they may not buy their boyfriend a gift and that's totally acceptable, but she should always remember the day you were born and treat you in a way that will make you happy when the day arrives. This could be cooking your favourite meal for you to eat or spending the whole day together. New Year, Lao New Year, That Luang Festival, Boat Racing Festival, Christmas Day and Valentine's Day are also other special days in Vientiane where two people in love spend time together. If the both of you are in the same city and she's not with you during these days then that's not real love.

The last thing you want is for your girlfriend to play mind games with your head because it will only get worse. She needs to be honest and open about her feelings towards you, whether your heart is with her or not. It's not good when there are secrets and sneaking around going on in a relationship and you find out that she is seeing other guys. If you can't trust her completely then she's not really your girlfriend and you need to move on, but if you believe that she is a good person who truly love you and you also love her then you're in a healthy relationship.

Always remember that anyone can say "I love you", that's just a word and that's the easy part, but showing it is the hard part. So your girlfriend must show and prove to you that she loves you.

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