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Why Lao Women Are Traditional

It is often said that Lao women are one of the most traditional people in the world. I agree.

Living in a Lao Buddhism society, Laotians are taught good manners at a young age and that is part of Lao tradition. We were taught to show respect whether we are visiting other people's place, whether in a workplace, whether at school and whether we're on the streets and that's why crime rates in Laos is one of the lowest in the world.

Lao women keep the Lao traditional way of life alive and show respect to other people when they wear the silk skirt called "sinh". In Laos, it is compulsory for Lao women to wear the sinh when they attend an education institution. In the western world, university and college students can wear what they like, but this is not the case in Laos. All women students in any level of education and even women teachers must wear a sinh and this is being traditional. As far as wearing a sinh in a work environment, it really depends what sort of job it is. Jobs that require Lao women to wear sinh include government and pink collar jobs such as secretary, receptionist, accountant and hospital worker.

The traditional way of life in Laos hasn't changed much since the communist takeover in 1975 and that's a good thing. Even though the new generation of Lao people live in a more Thai and European way, most people are still brought up to be traditional. In Laos, family is important and "family" extends beyond the confines of mum, dad and children. Extended family of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and even close friends and neighbours are all considered a family. Unemployment can be supported because of the loyalty and closeness that exists in most Lao families. Meals and garden crops are shared if there's plenty and when rice farmers finish cultivating their fields, they don't stop there and say my jobs done. They move on to help out on other rice fields that belong to their relatives or friends. That's what the village community is like in Laos, people are always helping, caring, supporting and there for each other.

Traditionally, Lao women work hard around the house, even young girls and there's always something to do. Lao girls are already an adult when they are 12 or 13 years old because they know how to do most things by that age. Most Lao women are not into nightclub life, but they are great talkers who enjoy going out to eat at restaurants and dancing parties with their boyfriends, or buddhist ceremonies to socialise and enjoy the company of family and friends. There is nothing wrong if a traditional Lao woman goes to a nightclub once in a while for leisure because it is good for them to get out of their comfort zone, but if a Lao woman goes to nightclubs and bars frequently then it means they are not the typical traditional woman but a Lao version of a trashy woman.

A traditional Lao woman devotes herself to her family, she wants to be loved and she love and care alot for her husband and children. She is tolerant and will always give second, third, fourth, fifth chances regardless whatever their mistakes were, and she will never leave her family unless the situation has reached a worst point. If a Lao woman in Laos is not traditional by being very lazy, or she's not dressed appropriately for the occasion, or demonstrating impoliteness and rudeness or maybe she is being too westernised, people in Laos will be very quick to judge her then gossip starts spreading and that can hurt her feelings. Being traditional makes a woman earn respect. In Laos, tradition is taught at home and reinforced by bodies such as schools and that's the reason why most Lao women have common courtesy and they keep the Lao tradition alive.

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