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Dear Lao Babes Staff,

I am just writing you to express my compliments and the joy I had to visit your website. In preparation of my trip to Laos this year I found your website and stayed with you guys for more than two hours!

As a world traveller I heard about the extraordinary character and virtues qualities which together with the outstanding beauty of the Laotian women form, what I believe, the most beautiful a woman can be. Being single, I would have even submitted my profile to get a chance to know one of these wonderful women who placed their profiles on your website. But, unfortunately I seem to be too old for the women who enjoy the world with putting her profiles on your website.

I am traveling the world to find the Lady of my Heart. She should be in her early to mid thirties and wishing to create a family based on absolute honesty, virtues, values and willing to share her life experiences with an interesting man from the other side of the world. She must not have racial prejudices as I am a man of white skin but with a soul and heart that are colored with all colors of the people and my friends from many places of this wonderful planet. If she would work in the medical field, as me, that would make the joy perfect. I love to serve the people of the world. Especially the children of this planet. Working for UNICEF in my country.

Why do I write you this? I don't know. Maybe just because I think that you might like to have a feedback and appreciation for your work. You are doing a wonderful job. And I like the way who you do it very much.

Kindest regards



I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your website and your insights into the human condition. I felt the section on having affairs and letting go of the past particularly thought provoking.

I visited Laos in 1997. Im sure it must have changed a great deal. I will alway have fond memories, tinged with a little sadness as all I did was contemplate life and read books, I wish I had got to know some Laos women. But I was a bit to shy at the time. Although, I have more than made up for it now.

Anyway, all the best, I love the site and I look forward to coming back one day.


I got to this location after googling Laos. My father was married to my mom in America for fifteen years, got a wife in Laos during their 9th year of marriage. I have met her, I have stayed at her house with her family, and I would say she is a common prostitute. These women marry men who are already married in other countries. They are breaking up marriages, families for thirty dollars a month. Of course the men are stupid if they think it's worth risking their families for a Meah-Noi, but why do these women do not have enough self respect for themselves. Life's rough, but you'll survive. I honestly cannot stand these women, they see the man once every three to four years, calls herself his wife while he's there, and a wife of another man while he is in America.

While I was in Laos I had a bunch of young girls ask my husband if he wanted a meah-noi (as we're walking through the bazarre), and I am right there holding his hand. Grant it I am half white and look mexican, but they didn't have any respect for me or my husband. You should have seen their faces when I told them he only needs one wife, not a whore in Lao.

I also see a lot of Lao guys who are citizens in the U.S. who marry women in Laos and Thailand and bring them to America, once they learn the culture and way of life they leave their husband. All of the seven guys here in Sacramento, California that I know have brought their "wife" to America have had their "wife" leave them for other men. One of them has gone back to get another one, idiot.

I guess what I am getting at is they may not be whores selling themselves on the street for one night stand, but they are selling themselves to tourist who they hope will either take them to their country or send them support every month.

Tasha Ketphanh

Thank You so much for wonderful pages! It allready gave me lot of informations and help me to understand my lao girlfriend. In january i met 1 girl in massage place and she! I visited her home and her parents want that i go married with her. Only problem is that i don't know does she really love me because last time when i stay in Laos i had so many lonely days and i even didn't know where she was. But sure i little understand because i just came her life like a thunder in clear sky..she had life allready before i came and she wasn't ready... question i had when i read you writings, if go engage is she allowed to flight with me in finland? Can coverment be not allowed that or is it only us thing? Now i have plan to come in Laos again october or november ..and then i wait that she prove her love or..
My email is


Hello Mika,

We are glad you enjoy our articles.

Her parents sound very desperate if they want you to marry their daughter quickly. Be careful, make sure she loves you and don't rush with it. Do what's in your best interest.

Your girlfriend is allowed to go to Finland with you if you can sponsor her and she has the required documentations such as Passport and Visa.

Lao Babes

Thank You for answer!
Carefully is most important thing what i can't forget!
Sometimes when i called to her she ask money to parents, not to much but anyway it makes me thinking one of You artickle where You wrote that if she ask money she not love to you.. And during my visit in Laos they told me me that lao-girl is not easy to show her feelings and love for farang if not married..i even wait her first kiss! But also i have to understand that i just came her life like a thunder in blue sky..lot of new things!
Many questions what i have on my mind when i come to next time you country. To stayed in Laos was good time, You have so peaceful country where allmoust can feel that time can stop!

Best regards!
Mika from Finland

Hello Mika,

You're welcome.

My gut feeling is that she likes money more than she loves you.
Money should be given by your own generosity, and not by requesting it.

Most Lao girls will allow their Lao boyfriends to kiss them. Maybe you are a westerner and she sees you like an outsider and she is still shy. You just met her so maybe it will take time and patience.

Laos is quite enjoyable and peaceful. A friend told us that he had so much fun and it felt like time went by fast.

Lao Babes

Sabai dii!
Thank You for answering again!
I have only 1 month experience for Laos peoples but i have 1,5 years experience for living in Thailand. So it is not so easy to know Pok (my girlfriend), her feelings and why she do this or that.. Many time sit is not easy to call her in Vang vieng because connections are so bad. 1 week ago i called to her, and end of call she asked money and her papa asked it too. I told them that i don't put money inside my letters..little help by bank transfer mayby is ok sometimes. Only problem is that i remembered how she is acted last time. And like in your web site i can read that if someone warning you, have to listen. He told me that many boys like her and she like many boys..but sure before me she have life. I have to decide do i give her change again to prove her love for me and tell my rules and hopes or just forget and move on..
Life is not easy....;o)

Have a nice day!!!!

Hello Mika,

It's wrong for both father and daughter to ask for money when you hardly know her. And the last thing you want to do is send money in an envelope because it will most likely be stolen through the postal system.

It sounds like your girlfriend likes to play around with many guys and she is only after money. My advice is that you should consider your future carefully. I think there are many questions you need to answer before you really commit yourself to a relationship with her.

Try to learn more about your girlfriend and her family, and time will test your relationship and compatibility since both of you grew up in different environments. If it doesn't work well for you then cut her out of your life and find someone better.

Lao Babes

Sabai dii! is wrong, because true love can't buy and i don't even want to try. I understood during staying in Laos that normal lao people shame to ask money..they can wait if give but not ask it!
This morning she calles at first time to me and after she asked where i'm...second question was send 300$ to me. Hmmm...300$, i think she and family are greed!
In end of january i allready gave her 250$ to her to buy passport her and mother..i hoped that they come to see me in thailand but didn't. Mayby they try to buy passport or mayby not..or mayby shopping first and then money finished.. Later in february when i arrival in vang vieng they told that money go to ID card and hospital bills when she was in achident.. is hard but u can make it harder!

Best wishes!

Hello Mika,

You shouldn't be sending that much money. Most people in Laos don't even earn that much. If you keep giving them money, it means you are stupid and I don't mean to say that in a bad way, but that's how the Lao community will think of you.

You don't know your girlfriend well yet. Some people are great actors and I'll give you an example of something that happened in Thailand. When I saw a beggar in Bangkok holding her daughter and crying, I really felt sorry for them. They asked me for money so they could catch a bus back home to their village. I gave them 1,000 baht ($30 US) which is alot of money. The next day, I saw them again and a local street vendor told me that they were professional beggars. I was shocked because it was hard to believe it.

You shouldn't believe everything she says. If you had a friend or relative in Laos to confirm her story then you can believe her. I think for your own sake you should stop sending her any more money. Her family has survived without your financial support in the past so they can survive now.

This is a good time to test her love for you. If she truly loves you, she will understand you. If she dumps you because you didn't send her money, it means that she is nothing but a gold digger. Remember, you always need to be ahead of your girlfriend, never let her control you.

Lao Babes

Hi there my name is Ian and i have visited your site a number of times already. I find it very informative about lao girls and lao culture. also the testimonials make interesting reading.

I do not wish to pass judgment but I think Tasha Ketphanh is a little cruel in her comments on lao women. I have been to laos and could not judge these women as bad . They do what they have to to survive and look after there family. I admire a lao womens loyalty to her family. I wish we Australians had the same closness lao families seem to.

I am under no illusion when it comes relationships. I know many lao nationals in Australia and have seen what happens when a 50 year old male marries a 25 year old lao girl brings her back and after two years it falls apart and she leaves for somone younger.I cant say i blame them . I think it would be better to look at women much closer to ones own age or at least within ten years or so.

I agree with your comments on meeting families and friends to get the whole picture about a girl. Falling in love at first sight with a lao girl is easy to do because they are so very beautiful. But beauty is only the begining and is not going to make the relationship work by its self there has to be much more.

I hope Mika in your testimonials has got it all sorted out and has not fallen into a bad situation.there is no point blaming lao women for the mistakes we make out of pure lust. For my part intend to learn more about the cuture, Budhism, and the language. I have been to many countries overseas but none as beautiful or as friendly as the PDR lao.


hi, i am Hannah. i am from Vietnam. vietnam is a neighbour of laos and has many similarities with lao. vietnamese also has a same thought and believe with laos. i have read all of your stories. i feel quite interested in them.

it is so hard to find your half. may be that person is next to you but you do not relize, may be that person is somewhere in this world. some people can find their half so fast but some cant have that chance. that is love and in love, sometime we give more than receive. in love sotime there is no guide for a best way. if you want to find a laos or vietnamese or any other nationality, love must be begin for your heart first. believ me that love and married is far diffirent with ech other. as i see, all of people here want to find the love, a real love befor getting married.

the only problems here is how to know and how to solve the problems that you felt in love with laos woman and do not know that she love you for real or not. my friends, i do not want to give out any advice here, or do not tent to give out any idea about your problems i just want to show my feeling after reading your comment. i think that i have the same thought with many other laos girls. with me, the love is appreciated very higly. and i know that money is useful and can use to perchase many things, but love is not inclued in that "things". i mean love cant be bought by money.

there is so much type of people in this world. some live for money, some live for love, some for work, but all of them hope to find happiness in live. you have to deal all with them, some id good and some is bad. and only your heart can devide what is good and what is bad. laos girl or any woman in this world is similarity. some is good and some is not. but one thing i am sure that if that woman loves you, even you present for her a buiding or a pocket of diamon, she will be happy but she will not receive it if you said that you will leave her after she receiving it. if she real love you she will not receive.

yes, i am vietnamese, and laos is the same. our country is still very poor. but that do not makes me only looking for money or forturn, or doing bad things. the poorness of our country give me the strength to continue my race in live despite of troubles and difficuties. love stand out of forturne.

oscause that is me and some laos girls thought, not all. but i want to recommend you that you should be tolerant when access a new culture or dealing with others, any you meet or talk. they are so diffrent, but i am sure in their mind ot heart, all of them are always looking for the good things it is just because their situation makes them do sth wrong. we should be tolerant. and when you real love sb, you will have a strenth to for give and start again.

i think in the case of mike. you are not lucky in this love, i think she has her difficuties in her life, and chased you but i think deep in her heart, she also feel hurt and guilty. no one feel comfortable afte doing sth wrong, making other hurt, even if that is the enemy. i think you should give a strength to give up it and begin with a new laos girl.

just think that is not your half but she is so imperessive, just that. but you need a real love, not a impressive feeling. at first, you can be hurt, but i think you will know that is the right decision when you find your real love. i belve that lucky and real love will comes to you. hearfelt love will be reply by heartfelt love. hope to hear a good news from you soon. thanks for reading. sorry that my wringting is a litter confuse! thanks!



This is a really interesting website which already helped me a lot. At the moment I already live for over a year in Laos. I asked my girlfriend a month a go to marry me. We did the first official papers that you need to fill in. The only reason why we want to have our papers very quick is that we really want to live together. That way we wont have problems with the police.

One of the things we're no planning to do is to get married in my country. It's possible and believe me the procedure is less difficult than in Laos and we also don't need to pay any "tea fee". We're planning to go anyway to my country because I want to introduce her to my friends and see the place where I lived. Is there anybody who knows if the marriage in an other country is also recognised in Laos and what to do? I already know that she don't need a lot of documents and we have to get a specific document at the Laos embassy otherwise we cannot get married.



Thanks for the useful and interesting information on your site about my favourite holiday-destination country! I am a Buddhist like my mother and from New Zealand. I visited Northern Lao 7 years ago in 2002 for one month; went to Vientianne, Luang Prabhang and Vang Vieng. I was enchanted by the land and it's people and culture.

Lao is like a land-locked Asian version of New Zealand in some ways with a low population, beautiful Nature, farming and tourism based economy and friendly, down to earth people. There were the cutest, happiest kids I've ever seen. I will never forget my last day there when a pretty Vientianne waitress said: 'I like your smile. I hope you come to Lao again next year'.

I have met one lao lady and two half-Lao ladies in Auckland before but there are not many Lao here. Now I am thinking of returning To Lao for 5 weeks at the end of the year and maybe seeing the South; Champasak etc. I have ordered a Lao CD language course, so will get practicing my Lao skills before I come.

My advice to guys like our young Fin friend Mika, as a 35 year old amateur-astrologer guy who's still looking for his soul-mate, is to take it slow, follow your intuition and considour using Astrology or an Astrologer(or Numerology, Animal year-signs etc), as practiced for centuries by most cultures to get a better idea of your potential compatability with her and when your lucky times are for love and to help develop your own inate intuition.

Remember; alot of relationships start with attraction, but need fortunate/kharmic-elements of endurability to survive. Compatability is attraction and durability together. No relationship is 'perfect', but needs to be a very special connection which helps us to be better, happier people. The more women you talk to and the more time you take to know yourself, the better you know what you want and the more confident you'll be. You can learn alot about good relationships from knowing happy couples too.

To Ward who just wrote; from what I've gathered on the net, you just get married in your country, then promptly notify the local Lao embassy of the marriage so there's no probs when she returns to Lao.

I would love to find a soulmate in Lao but who knows what will really happen and when. I don't really care what race or religion she is, though I admit there's something special about Lao Ladies. We just follow the wisdom we have and be grateful for what we have now. Real happiness comes from within, right?

Sok dii, Peace,

Rohan. ;)

Hello LaoBabes,

In 2005, my husband went on a business trip to Laos with his brother and fell in love with a Laos girl. He came back acting very strange, mean, aggressive, etc. He sent money to her and told her parents that he is willing to marry her. However, I stopped him completely: hid his passport, citizenship paper, etc.

It was tough for me for many years. I'm still very heart broken. I had talked to her and told her I will not allowed my husband to marry her, but she refused to let him go. It has been five years now, and they don't talk anymore. But my husband has changed forever, in a very bad way. I cried alot for these five years...

Broken Hearted

My husband wants to go to Laos sometime in the next year or two by himself. We have 5 kids and cant afford for all of us to go.

He went to Laos 6 years ago while I stayed home to take care of our 1 month old son. He insisted on going during New Year. When he got back he had tons of pics of him with his arms around other girls. In one pic. he seems especially close to this one girl. Later I found out he had given her his Phone # and Address.

The night he returned to America she called and he was talking really sweet to her. I couldn't understand what he was saying. Later after that I found a love letter she had written to him, and a love poem he had written to her. He started acting weird and said he wanted to move to Laos for a year to help build better water systems for the village he visited. I don't believe him - I think he was hoping I would be stupid enough to let him go live there with that girl so he could cheat. I have never felt like I trust him since his trip to Laos. He still instists nothing happened with that girl - but I don't believe him.

His mother is getting older and I am afraid she might die before he gets to visit her again - but I am also afraid he is going to cheat on me - or even bring home a STD. I don't know what I should do.

If I find any kind of evidence he cheated - a phone call even from a girl from Laos when he gets back - I know I will divorce him. It's been hard enough to work out the problems caused by the first trip to Laos. Is this second trip a suicide for our marriage?


I am sorry to hear about your marriage problems.

If you found a love letter and love poem, then maybe he is cheating. Pictures with arms around girls and talking sweet on the phone doesn't sound good either. Someone who is not cheating probably wouldn't do things like that.

I hope you manage to sort things out with your husband.

Lao Babes

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