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How To Prevent A Break Up

Most break ups from boyfriend-girlfriend relationships and marriages in the world are initiated by women. If we focus our attention on Lao women, 95% of them are likely to initiate the break up which is quite an alarming statistic. Mind you, break ups don't occur very often in Lao culture, but whenever it does happen 95% of the time it's Lao women who initiates it and guys suffer the most and get more heart broken and they feel like they've been robbed.

It is not common for Lao men to instigate a break up, in fact in my lifetime I have never heard of a Lao man leave their girlfriend or wife, it's always the other way around. Lao men should be proud of themselves to know that they are 100% faithful and committed in a relationship, but being loyal to a Lao woman doesn't necessarily mean that he is the Mr. Nice Guy in the relationship. Lao women could be victims of abuse or they may just be irritated and annoyed with their boyfriend or husband to the point that they feel that enough is enough and it's best to call it quits.

Lao women have nothing to lose if they want to divorce their husband. In fact she will have alot to gain from it because she will be elligible for 50% of her ex-husband's assets and if they have kids together, she is most likely to get child custody as well. Basically, divorced women usually have the edge in court whether she is Lao or another race.

Okay so now we know that a Lao woman will most likely leave your sorry ass if there are problems in your relationship. So how do you prevent a break up from occurring? How do you actually keep the bond, the closeness, and the long and lasting love between the both of you? Okay so lets discuss about that.

If you keep arguing and fighting, you need to restrain yourself to the situation. Never ever shout back at a Lao woman at the top of your lungs, if she likes to whinge and whine then let her do it and face the music or walk away. Be a man and don't let the things she say affect you, it's best to just back off by going outside or to another room and take time for the both of you to cool down, then try to find the right time to talk to each other. If you are unhappy with something or your needs aren't being met then explain that to her in a nice tone, you also need to pay attention and listen to her problems as well. Good communication is the key.

Make your Lao girlfriend or wife feel loved. By this I don't mean giving her hugs and kisses unless she is outside the Lao traditional ways and you've done this to her in the past. To make her feel loved, you could pay her a compliment on how nice she looks in that new pair of jeans or how delicious her cooking is today. A compliment is a nice gesture and she will know that you appreciate her.

Change the things about you that she doesn't like. If you have a bad habit of smoking and she's always complaining about your smell then quit smoking or reduce it to show her that you are at least trying to make an effort, and shower daily to keep good hygiene and control your body odour. Or perhaps she doesn't like the way you treat her, or she doesn't like it when you're out late with your drinking buddies and never helping her take care of the kids. When you know that your Lao woman doesn't like something, the best to do is try to find a solution that will keep the both of you happy.

At the end of the day, we can't predict the future and we never know if a relationship will last forever. You may love your partner alot now and everything is going smoothly in your relationship, but little by little each year things can get worse otherwise there wouldn't be any break ups in this world. Don't just be a boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife, but be a best friend to each other and that will really help keep your relationship strong and solid. Follow our good advice and if you ever have issues with your Lao girlfriend or wife, just hang in there and work on your relationship or break up as a last resort. Good luck.

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