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Finding Love Abroad

Lao women in Laos look for relationships abroad for a good reason. It's not that there are no men in Laos but they simply want to start a new and better life in a foreign country.

Today, Laos is amongst one of the poorest countries in the world and unfortunately good education does not guarantee a high salary job in an economy where employers prefer to hire cheap labour and naturally, young Lao women want to go abroad where they can get a better paying job.

Alot of Lao women have never been to a western country because they can't afford it, but many of them have relatives living in western countries who left Laos during the communist takeover in the late 70's and early 80's, so they have heard about life and what it's like there.

Laos is a developing country so there are some gold diggers, but most Lao women are generally honest and sincere people who are committed to a relationship, they are not that desperate and would not try to lie unlike women from some asian countries especially Thailand, The Philippines and Cambodia where women like to cash in on foreign interest, scamming foreign men with money and whatever they could get.

Laos probably produce the finest female talent and beauty available in the whole of asia but most women don't receive high quality education, training and job opportunities like those living in the developed world. For most of these talented and beautiful Lao women, the only way to escape a difficult life in Laos is to marry a foreigner, but they tend to relate alot better to overseas Lao men than overseas western men due to the language and cultural barrier. However, if you are a westerner or another asian race, don't give up on Lao women because it's not impossible as there are some women who find guys from a different cultural background and who offers a fresh perspective more appealing. We are here to help you.

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