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Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship is when you are many kilometres, states or an ocean apart from your partner. When you are in a relationship with a Lao girl who is living in Laos and you live in a foreign country, there are things that you should do in order to keep the love in your relationship alive and healthy.

If you have only just met each other whether from phone, internet or face-to-face in Laos, you should spend enough time to get to know each other before you get committed in a long distance relationship. Obtaining vital information from other people living in her village will also help you know your girlfriend's background better. If a girl did something wrong or she is not a good person, everybody in her village knows about it because Lao people like to gossip. The people in her village and your relatives will be your guarantor. Only when your guarantor can tell you that she is a good person and the both of you can love and trust each other whole heartedly and you are not suspicious of what your girlfriend is up to, then your long term relationship should be successful.

Even if you can trust your girlfriend 100%, it is good to have friends or relatives in Laos who can keep an eye on her during your absence. When your friends or relatives see her occasionally, they can provide you with information to keep you satisfied that she isn't doing something unfaithful to you.

You should always keep in touch with your girlfriend regularly so that the both of you stay dedicated to each other. You don't have to ring her every day if phone bills are expensive, but a short conversation once or twice per week would be appropriate. There are other alternative modes of communications, if the both of you have access to the internet then you could email or chat online. Writing snail mail letters, or surprising her once in a while with a card and some new photos of you is also good and cheap, it also makes her miss and think of you more.

You should decide when you want to meet each other again. The anticipation of seeing each other again will always give you the excitement, hope and as well as eliminating the lonely feeling in your long distance relationship. Many relationships break down when people see each other again after a long period apart, or they meet each other for the first time and find out that they are not compatible. Your idea of a perfect weekend could be sitting in front of the TV with your girlfriend by your side, hers could be going shopping and the buddhist temple. You may expect her to cook you a delicious Lao dish for dinner, she may expect you to take her out for dinner, so unless you communicate what the both of you want from each other, this is a recipe for misunderstandings and can hurt feelings.

You need to plan and be very clear about where the relationship will go. For instance, when do you plan to move in together? Where will you live together? And when will you get engaged and married? Dates doesn't have to be exact and they can always change, but if you don't know how much commitment you are willing to give each other and you approach the relationship in a "wait and see" attitude then it's not going to work out. Your girlfriend will mess around with other guys if she gets the impression that there is nothing to accomplish out of your long distance relationship. Do you want that to happen? So plan ahead rather than going in a long distance relationship just for the fun of it because your girlfriend will not wait forever to be with you.

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