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Why Lao People Are Lazy

Everybody gets lazy once in a while, but it seems that Lao people are more lazier than others.

In Laos, most people don't have a real goal or drive and too many people are just going through the motions. Most employees rarely have the authority to make decisions. Jobs tend to be very narrowly defined, and it is often difficult to find the one person who knows how to perform a certain task. Interruptions are also common.

A long lunch hour and nap are a normal part of the work and school day in Laos. Official government work hours provide for a two hour lunch and nap period in the afternoon and many Lao people go home to eat and relax, therefore it takes so much time to get things done in Laos. In advanced industrial countries, most employees stay at work all day and they grab something light to eat such as a sandwich then they get stuck into their work, as a result productivity and output is quicker.

Time is also not important in Laos. Most people can arrive late to work and it's very easy to make up fake excuses. Lao people don't tend to be as preoccupied as westerners with "efficient" use of time. Appointments may be delayed or not kept at all and this is acceptable in Lao culture. Friends may drop by without previous arrangements and it's not uncommon for people to receive last minute dinner or wedding invitations.

Even though Laos doesn't have as many public holidays compared to Thailand, Lao people still enjoy partying as much as Thai people. Special occasions in western society such as Christmas, Birthdays and Valentine's Day doesn't exist or have any meaning in Lao culture but people still celebrate them as an excuse to take the day off.

Lao students rarely read books or study hard at home. Instead preferring to watch TV, party or waste their time doing something unproductive. Most of the smartest people in Laos received their education in another country. Laos have universities but the qualifications are only treated as local and not internationally recognised.

There are different reasons why Lao people are lazy. The lack of motivation and enthusiasm plays a part but the main reason is due to earning low wages. Working hard isn't going to increase their payments so most people will just do the job on their own tempo. Teachers are also not strict enough on their students.

Self employed Lao people work for themselves so they can open or close business on their own terms. Public transport drivers such as Tuk-Tuks and Jumbos are not paid at an hourly rate so they don't feel it's necessary to work flat out, there's always time to relax and have a beer when they feel like it.

Make no mistake, Lao people work hard with domestic chores in and around their homes, but Laotians are lazy in paid employment and education which is becoming part of everyday life in Laos.

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