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Lao Women

Many Lao women live in Northern, central and southern parts of Laos. There are also ethnic groups up further north of Laos such as Tai Dam (Black Tai), Tai Daeng (Red Tai), Meo, Yao and Hmong people but since the women from this part of Laos live up in the mountains and have a different culture, religion and language from Lao people, we won't be discussing about them.

People from Luang Prabang are called "Thai Meuang Luang" in Lao Language, while people from Vientiane or central parts of Laos are called "Thai Vieng" or "Thai Garng" and people from Pakse and Champassak region are called "Thai Tai".

More often than not, you can't accurately tell what part of Laos a woman comes from unless you listen to her accent because the three regions in Laos have a different Lao accent. Many people often say that "Thai Meuang Luang" women have lighter skin than "Thai Tai" women, this is not always true as I have seen many tanned people in Luang Prabang as well, so you usually don't know if a lady is "Thai Meuang Luang", "Thai Vieng" or "Thai Tai" just by looking at them. The woman's accent usually determines what part of Laos she comes from, or where her family originated from.

Lao women are the best for marriage because they have all the qualities that a guy wants, they have the warmth, exotic looks, traditional, honesty, trustworthy and they are very family oriented. Divorce rate is very low in Laos, probably one of the lowest in the world because family and relatives live near each other, they all stick together and look after each other through bad times and good times. Family life in Laos is more closely knit than in western cultures. Lao women value marriage. They do not like divorce and they marry for life. Thus, they value family. Family is all important to them. Husband, children, parents, relatives often come first before her own career.

Unlike our neighbouring countries such as Thailand where there are many marriages between a western guy and Thai women, it is extremely rare to see a western guy marry a Lao woman in Laos, this is mainly due to the culture and language barrier. Most foreigners who come to Laos to marry a Lao woman are Lao guys from abroad. You often don't see Thai guys cross the border to marry a Lao woman, this is because most Thai guys fancy middle to high class women and they aren't interested in poor ladies in Laos. Also, many Lao women don't like to move to Thailand and Thai guys don't like to move to Laos. All the paperwork and expenses can be frustrating for Thai guys too, so they find it easier and cheaper to marry a woman from Thailand.

Lao women are the most beautiful of all asians because they look natural and most are happy with the way they look. Their main features are their long black hair, slender builds, smooth clear skin, nice curvy figure and Lao women's eyes are extremely appealing. Women in Laos don't have plastic surgeries, fake boob jobs and other crap they do in Thailand, Lao women find it hard to earn enough money to put food on the table as it is. They are natural and attractive in their own way.

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