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Your Lao Wife Have The Same Rights

If you are a foreigner and you plan to go to Laos to marry a Lao girl and bring her back to your country with you, you have to be very, very careful.

You might find it worthwhile reading our article if that's what you want to do in the future.

Most Lao women are very honest people because it's part of Lao culture but having said that, Laos isn't a perfect country and of course there will be some greedy and dishonest gold diggers. Your Lao wife maybe one of those people and you don't know it, or you find it hard to believe that she is that sort of evil person because you are blinded by love.

When your Lao wife steps foot in your country, she is entitled to the same rights as you and any women in your country. So please be aware of this if you are thinking of going to Laos to get married and bring her back to your country because if your marriage doesn't work out and you get a divorced within a month or a year or whatever, she is instantly entitled to 50% of any assets that you own. You can lose alot of money and heartache, so don't think that it's easy to get a girl in Laos because she might just be using you to support her family back in Laos.

If the both of you are living in Laos together, her rights will be more than yours if you are a foreigner, this is because foreigners are not allowed to own anything in Laos. A divorce would mean she takes everything you have in Laos and that might be the house, vehicle, land and other properties.

The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to listen to people's advice in Laos before you decide to marry a Lao girl, especially from your friends, your relatives and her neighbourhood who knows her background. If people in Laos say bad things about your girlfriend such as she's a prostitute, or she doesn't love you, or she's just after money, or she's too sophisticated, sometimes you need to take their opinions seriously because they are usually right. Lao people are very honest people and they would never say something horrible about someone you love unless it's true.

If people say that your Lao girlfriend is a bad person, don't be mad at them but rather think very carefully and use your judgment if it's worth continuing with the relationship and marrying her. The final decision will be yours but if you bring her back to your country and your marriage breaks down, she is allowed to divorce you and receive half of what you own.

Your relationship must be based on trust. If you're in another country and your girlfriend is in Laos, and you're always worried that she might be playing around with other guys behind your back, that's not really trusting her so the relationship isn't going to work out. Or if she's always asking you to send her money or gifts then that's not love.

Lao girls are very nice and honest people in general, but sometimes you just have to very careful when you're involved with women in a foreign country, especially in Asia where the culture is very different and there are alot of girls struggling every day on low incomes. We recommend marrying a Lao girl only if they are given the approval by your contacts, they are the people who know you and the local Lao people who know your girlfriend.

I'm sure you hear many stories of Asian girls marrying a foreigner. The girl gets married then goes over to his country and then within a short time she files for divorce against her husband, claiming unreasonable behaviour or other made-up reasons. He is then ordered to pay her alot of his money and he's made out to be the bad guy by the judge. We don't want the same thing to happen to you so that's why you need to be very vigilant. Good luck with your relationship with a Lao girl and we hope our article was helpful.

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