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Why Overseas Lao Men Marry Girls In Laos

In recent years since Laos has opened its doors for foreign visitors, many thousands of Lao men from overseas especially from America, Canada, Australia and Europe have travelled back to their birth country to marry a young Lao girl.

A whopping 90% of these overseas Lao men have been divorced from previous marriages and they are after a new relationship in Laos.

While only 10% of overseas Lao men who marry a girl in Laos are young, still living with parents with no prior relationship experience and seeking a Lao wife.

Okay, so why do many Lao men go to Laos to find a wife?

Most of these Lao men are the first generation of immigrants who lack English skills and they still live a traditional Lao way of life even though they live in a new environment overseas. They don't often contact westerners not to mention western women. Naturally, the chances of marrying western women are slim.

Certainly, the second generation of Lao immigrants (Lao men born or grew up overseas) is doing a better job than their forefathers. They have more opportunities to be acquaited with western women through school, work and social gatherings. Hence, they have a deeper understanding of western society and the possibility of marrying western women, or other women outside the Lao race is larger.

Many overseas Lao men who left Laos during the takeover of the new Government usually want to have a family that is Lao. Naturally, Lao men won't favour marrying western women who spoke different languages, don't follow Buddhism, don't know how to cook and eat Lao foods and also the lack of communication and cultural differences with their parents. The parental generation usually do not have a good command of English. So communication between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law is usually a problem.

Lao men favour Lao girls in Laos because they view them as reserved and more conservative in their lifestyle, and they can be trusted. Culturally, Lao and westerners are so different like oil and water, western women are also usually bigger than the average Lao men and it's usually difficult for Lao men to find a western women with similar qualities and understanding.

And finally, most overseas Lao men who marry girls in Laos are divorced like we said, so these men find it hard to find another wife in their country. They believe that it's much easier to find a new wife in Laos. It doesn't matter if you're divorced with children, it doesn't matter if you look like the ugliest guy on earth, it doesn't matter if you're illiterate and uneducated because many girls in Laos earn low incomes and they prefer to marry Lao men from overseas to start a better life for herself and her family, so they rarely judge a person.

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