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Lao Language

Lao language is the most easiest language to learn in south east asia. Some people say that Lao and Thai language is very similar which is not true. The truth of the matter is that both languages is very different, except only some words sound the same. If the language was similar then all Thais would understand Lao language and all Laotians would understand Thai language.

Most people in Thailand who understand Lao language are Isaan people, because these group of people are Lao descendants who live near the Thai-Lao border. Thais from places such as Bangkok and Pattaya find it very, very difficult to understand Lao language which is an indication that both languages is very different. Most Laotians living in the cities understand Thai language only because we watch Thai TV channels and listen to their music so we become familiar with their words, but some Laotians have problems when it comes to speaking Thai.

To have a relationship with a Lao woman, you really need to know Lao language because many of them will not associate with a westerner or an asian person who does not speak Lao. However, Lao women are more lenient towards foreign Lao guys who have difficulty with Lao language because they are a Laotian.

Some Lao women are taught basic english language at school, but it is not really fluent and accurate because they rarely use english outside of school so they are limited in what they can say in english. Most Lao women are not the quiet and shy type like Thai women, Lao women love talking and they are really good talkers similar to the Vietnamese. Relationships with a Lao woman won't last long if there is a lack of communication because they don't know if they can trust the person, so it is desirable to learn Lao language if you want to date any women in Laos.

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