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Choosing A Lao Girl

There are many nice and beautiful girls in Laos whom you can fall in love with. I don't know you and I don't know the sorts of women that you like, so you will be the one who makes the final decision. However, after you read my advice it may help you decide the sorts of girls to look for, and the sorts of girls to stay away from.

If you meet a Lao girl from the internet, in the street, club, bar, disco or any other public places in Laos, you have to be very careful. Avoid them if you can because you don't know their background. They tend to look nice to attract men and indeed they may look sweet to you but some girls are great actors and they probably slept with a dozen men already.

However there are exceptions and meeting a women on an internet site such as is safe because these women have been interviewed and got acquainted with us before their profiles are accepted onto our site, and they are not women who just come from anywhere and post their profiles freely like other dating sites.

Lao girls who act westernised and dress sexy on the streets or clubs in Laos are only after money and not real love. They have a reputation of sleeping around so a relationship with these types of girls is risky and will not succeed very long.

Lao guys in Laos usually go for the typical conservative Lao girls who is a virgin and will only let you sleep with them after getting married, a long term relationship with these sorts of girls can be guaranteed. Most foreign men seem to be tempted by sweet, fun loving and sexy girls who let you sleep with them to draw your attention. If Lao girls in America, Canada, Europe or Australia do that it's quite acceptable because they grew up in a society like all westerners. But if Lao girls in Laos do that it means they are not housewife type.

You should choose a Lao girl who is compatible to you otherwise your relationship can get messy. You don't often see a chief executive hanging out with a guy who is a bricklaying labourer, or an office worker hanging out with a garbage collector, do you get the picture? This also applies in a relationship, you need a girl who share similar interests, hobbies and lifestyle to yours. You can't really change a person because they are who they are, so if you think that she will change her personality when she becomes your girlfriend or after you marry her then you are dreaming. People change but they can only change alittle bit, maybe 10% but to expect a big change in the person is impossible. So it's crucial that your girlfriend be compatible to you already, or you must change for the relationship to work.

A Lao girl that you meet for the first time may not be honest with you about everything, because it's human nature for a girl to say only good things about herself and she will keep her bad history (if any) a secret. So the best thing to do is ask about her details from other people who know her background. Gossip travels faster than the speed of light in Laos and everybody in her village (suburb) will know her very well and they can explain to you what she and her family is really like. If you have friends and relatives in Laos, introduce your girlfriend to them and they will give you their opinion of her because they live in Laos so they have better knowledge of a girl by the way they communicate, the way they dress and look.

The types of friends that your girlfriend associates with generally gives you some idea what she is really like. Also, her family can sometimes be an important issue. For example, if her parents are farmers and she has alot of sisters and brothers, it's possible that you may be used to support them financially. Not all poor and big families in Laos are like this though.

So to sum it all up, don't just be attracted by a Lao girls pretty looks or their nice figure. Go for the typical conservative Lao girls, they are the pretty and traditional ones who are approved by your Lao friends, relatives and her village people. And that's about it, I hope that you found my information useful and interesting and I hope you find a nice and pretty Lao girl for a successful relationship.

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