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Isaan Girls In North Eastern Thailand

Isaan girls are people who live in north eastern parts of Thailand more commonly known as Isaan.

Girls from Isaan are mostly Laotians in terms of their ethnic background and cultural history, but they are obviously Thai nationals because Isaan is now part of Thailand, but it was once a Lao region during the Lan Xang Kingdom era.

For most Lao men, Isaan girls are not as attractive compared to a typical Lao girl living in Laos, but you often hear or see many thousands of western men dating and marrying Isaan girls because they favour dark-skinned and charming asian women.

Thais from other parts of the country have tended in the past and present to either ignore or disparage Isaan and its inhabitants. This is due to the cultural differences because the people of Issan are more Lao than Thai. In fact many central Thais often tend to put Isaan down by simply referring to them as Lao from a poor region.

Although the people of Isaan primarily live in villages and small towns, the region still has several large cities including Nakhon Ratchasima, Ubon Ratchathani Khon Khaen, and Udon Thani. Isaan however doesn't fit the images that come to mind when most foreigners visualise Thailand. The flat dry terrain of Isaan probably reminds more of the Australian Outback or Texas then it does of the more popular imagery of Thailand - Sandy beaches, stunning topped mountains and tropical forests.

Most Isaan girls who work in clubs and bars throughout Thailand are dancers, prostitutes or victims of sex slavery. When decent paying jobs are hard to find in their Isaan home town, young Isaan girls tend to move to more popular tourist destinations such as Bangkok and Pattaya for better opportunites and most girls often end up in the sex industry.

Isaan girls never relocate to live in Laos, if there are it would be a very small number. However many Isaan girls visit Laos daily by the bus load, especially to Vientiane where there are more things to see and do. Isaan girls don't look cute but they are more closely related to Lao and they understand Lao language.

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