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"Hi-So" And "Lo-So" Lao Girls

In Laos, you will often hear the term "Hi-So" and "Lo-So" which is used in discussions about a particular person.

The Lao slang word "Hi-So" stands for "high society" and it refers to a person who has alot of money or acts rich, they drive expensive cars and live a wealthy lifestyle but it does not necessarily mean that the person is famous, powerful or highly educated.

"Lo-So" stands for "low society" and it refers to a lower-class person who is poor and live a simple life.

Labelling a Lao person as Hi-So or Lo-So can sometimes offend them especially when you are referring them as something that they don't want to be, or they feel insulted for being looked down upon. On the other hand, they may feel proud to be labelled a Hi-So or Lo-So person.

Hi-So Lao girls are often found at expensive restaurants, high-class nightclubs and they like to date businessmen. These type of girls can even be prostitutes who come from poor families in countryside to live a Hi-So life in the city. Hi-So Lao girls are not all bad people, some can't help the fact that they were born in a rich family.

Many Hi-So Lao girls like to wear expensive jewellery and they like to dress to impress when going out. They spend alot of money when shopping and they always look for high quality brands.

Lo-So Lao girls hang out at small beer bars or they are farmers who live in cheap housing. Lo-So Lao girls have low incomes and they need to work extremely hard to make ends meet. They are generally not very beautiful from the outside but beautiful from within.

In Lao society, girls who have more money tend to be more beautiful because they can afford to buy makeup and many products to make their skin look white and reduce the negative effects of aging.

When choosing a Lao girl, always remember that their Hi-So or Lo-So class is not important. What's important is that her personality and character is what you really want in a girl.

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