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What If Your Lao Girlfriend Hangs Up

This is a question we are often asked. "What should I do if my Lao girlfriend hangs up on me?" or "What should I do if a woman hangs up on me?"

If you are having a conversation over the phone and she suddenly and unexpectedly ends the phone call, it could mean one of two things. Either she is angry with you or she is playing mind games with you.

First of all don't get upset over it and stay strong. If she is a girl you don't know too well, in other words you just met her a day ago, or you met her on the internet but you haven't physically dated her then just delete her phone number and move on. You can't be treated like garbage.

On the other hand, if she is your girlfriend then things are a bit trickier since you're sort of in a lose-lose situation.

If you call her back, she may be really angry with you and she feels that you are bothering her. It may just be a bad day or a bad time. Don't take it to heart, everyone gets annoyed and everyone is annoying. If you think your girlfriend is angry and upset with you then just back off for a bit, it sounds harsh, but honestly, it helps. And if you never call her back again and wait to let her do the calling because she was the one who hanged up then the incident could be used against you in the future.

It doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong. All she will remember is that she cried for hours because you made her upset about what you said or done, and you didn't call her back.

Here is our advice if the situation arises.

After she hangs up, call her back once, and once only to see if she answers. If she does, then good it means that she isn't trying to ignore you. This is your opportunity to solve the problem by apologizing to her for the situation and tell her that you still love her.

If you tried to call her once and she doesn't answer then simply leave a message on her answering machine and tell her to call you back. Alternatively, you can text message her to call you back, but DO NOT try to contact her again until she calls you.

If she doesn't call you for a week, then don't call her for a week because she may need more time to think things through. This way, you will demonstrate that you tried calling back, but she was the one who didn't accept it. And since you did not keep on calling her like you're some kind of desperate stalker, she will know herself that you are trying to give her time and space. The best thing to do is be patient and do the things you enjoy doing to occupy your time and just wait and see what happens with your girlfriend.

Hopefully she will get over it eventually and call you back if you are the love of her life. If you've waited and waited and it seems obvious that she won't call back then just let her go and move in, yes it's hard but that's the best thing to do. Trying to call her ten times a day and begging and pleading for her to come back is not a trait in a man.

Good luck and we hope things will get better for you.

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