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Forget The Past

Why can't we let go of simple things like the past? Why are we so concerned with what someone else did to us or said to us today? The more you think about it, the more stupid it is. The old saying is, "When someone calls you an idiot, the more times you remember it, the more times they've called you an idiot!" If you let it go immediately, you will never think about it again. They only called you an idiot at most once. It's gone! It's finished. You're free.

Why is it that we imprison ourselves with our past? Why can't we even let that go? Do you really want to be free? Then acknowledge, forgive and let go of whatever has hurt you, whether it's something that somebody has done or said to you, or whether it's what life has done. For instance, your relationship has ended and you are struggling to cope with it. Or you are having problems with your partner. Or you went gambling and lost all your money. Or maybe someone or pet has died in your family and you argue with yourself that they shouldn't have died. Or you've lost your job and you think without stop that that shouldn't have happened. Or simply something has gone wrong and you are obsessed that it's not fair. You can crucify yourself on a cross of your own making for the rest of your life if you want to, but no one is forcing you to.

Instead you can acknowledge, forgive and learn in the forgiving. You need to acknowledge what you've done, I'm not saying it's a bad thing or a good thing, but acknowledge it, this is the action you've done and you can forgive yourself. We're all human beings, sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we do wonderful things. So you're just like anybody else in this world so you forgive it. Sometimes it's nice if you've hurt someone and you ask them for forgiveness, but when they forgive you it still doesn't solve the problem. You have to forgive yourself.

When you forgive yourself, it's allowable, it can be done and it's a wonderful thing to do. That gives you freedom and peace, then you're less likely to repeat the mistake. You've learnt from them and you just leave it behind. You go forward rather than always being dragged and not allowed to go forward because you're always carrying this huge weight of the past with you.

The letting go is in the learning, you learn from it and make sure you don't get into that situation again. Isn't that better than lingering on the past, especially when we are angry or sad at something that has happened? When we reinforce the resentment, are we really seeing what's going on? Or are we seeing through the perverted glasses of our anger, looking at the faults in the other person, focussing only on the terrible things they have done to us, never really seeing the full picture?

Letting go of the past is so we can enjoy the present, so the future can be free. Why is it that we always carry around the past? Attachment to the past is not a theory, it is an attitude. We can say, "Oh I'm not attached". Or we can say, "I'm so detached I'm not even attached to detachment," which is very clever, and sounds very good, but is a lot of old rubbish. You know if you're attached if you can't let go of those important things that cause you to suffer, that stop you being free. Attachment is a ball and chain, which you tie around your own legs. No one else ties it around you. You've got the key to free yourselves, but you don't use it.

Why do we limit ourselves so and why can't we let go of the future, all the concerns and the worries? Do you worry about what's going to happen next, tomorrow, next week, next year? Why do you do that? How many times have you worried about some exam, or a visit to the doctors, or the dentist, or maybe you are worried that you will be late to work or school? You can worry yourself sick and when you get ready to go to school, you find that class have been cancelled, and you didn't have to go anyway!

Things never work out as you expect them to in life. Haven't you learnt yet that the future is so uncertain that it doesn't bear worrying about? You never know what's going to happen next. When you let go of the past and the future, you are actually learning about how to be at peace, how to be free, how to be content.

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