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Diet And Eating

Rice (plain white or glutinous sticky) is the dietary staple of Laos. It is usually served with very spicy dishes that consist of meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, or fruit. Lao and Thai style soups are also popular. Typical meats in Laos include beef, chicken, and pork. Lamb meat is difficult to find. The main Lao food is meat salad called "larp".

Laos boasts a variety of tropical fruit all year round such as pineapples, mangoes and papaya (paw paw). Restaurants in Laos serve a range of Lao and international cuisine. Laotians use forks and spoons at the table. Knives are usually not necessary because foods are served in bite-size pieces. If sticky (glutinous) rice is served, they use their fingers. Chopsticks are used when eating noodle dishes.

Guests usually receive a second helping of food and are encouraged to eat as much as they can. Diners choose small portions from various dishes at the centre of the table to eat with rice. Bones and other such items can be placed on the plate or on a table napkin. Water, the standard mealtime drink, is drunk during the meal. When one has finished eating, utensils are placed together on the plate.

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