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Dating Tips

When going out with a Lao woman on your first date, there are some things that you really need to know. The best way to build a relationship with a Lao lady is to make her happy and comfortable with you.

First of all, flowers and chocolates won't cut it with Lao women. This isn't western culture, this is Lao culture but some Lao women may appreciate it. Seriously if you want to give her something, a small gift such as clothing or purse is a good choice. Giving her money is okay too, but that comes and goes so make sure you also get her something tangible which she can keep with her, that way she will remember you and think of you.

If you plan on taking her out for an evening meal and she has accepted, take her out to somewhere decent. It doesn't need to be an expensive restaurant but be sure it's a place where the food is more than just noodles. She's already had that a million times in her life and it will be showing her that you are a cheap person. It is also okay to ask her where she wants to go for dinner. In Laos, pizzas are very expensive and they are only sold in western restaurants and it may seem funny but taking a Lao woman out to eat pizza will surely impress her with your wealth.

After dinner, ask her if she wants to go dancing at a disco or nightclub, there's plenty of them around in major cities. Some Lao women may not want to go because they don't like dancing or maybe nightclubs are not their scene, but it doesn't hurt to ask her anyway. Taking a stroll around town or Mekong river together is also nice because the purpose of your first date is for the both of you to get to know each other, and walking is definately a great way to talk.

Holding hands in public is okay although it's not really recommended because most Lao women don't feel comfortable with it. French kissing or any form of kissing in public is considered offensive and looked down upon in Lao society so I would try to avoid doing that too. If you're in a private place such as a house and you feel like kissing her, rely on your gut instinct and if it seems that she is open to being kissed then go for it. If you are not sure, or it's obvious that she doesn't want to kiss then don't pressure her. It doesn't mean that she doesn't love you and care about you, she could be a little shy to show her affection and that's normal for Lao women.

After your date, you will usually get a good idea if she is the one for you. On the other hand, you may be interested in her but she may not be interested in you. It doesn't mean she hates you, she might want to start off as friends and take things slowly because most Lao women usually don't like to rush. The main signs that a Lao woman don't want to take things further with you is when she called an early end to the date by saying she needs to go somewhere or she has something to do, she's not very talkative or she's just not interested in what you are saying. The main signs that she really likes you is if she invites you to her place, she wants you to meet her parents or she wants to see you again. If the both of you had a good time and are serious about spending more time together then arrange a second date.

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