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How To Ask A Lao Girl On A Date

Asking a gorgeous Lao girl out on a date can send you into a blind panic. The key to successfully asking a Lao girl out on a date is to make yourself interesting and fun to be with.

Take the pressure off and forget about the dating aspect, asking her out isn't committing to marriage, it's just a way of spending time together and having fun. Think positively, be open and let your natural charm and personality show through.

Be prepared
Erase the sentence "do you want to go out with me?" from your vocabulary. It's too much of a make or break line. Instead, practice saying something far more relaxed such as "maybe we can meet for a drink some time". It's more grown up and casual, and you're not making her to do you a favour. She gets to express her interest in you without pressure.

Find the right time
Ideally select a time when you're face to face to ask her out. This way the conversation will flow naturally and you will be able to read her signals. This will give you clues about how the conversation is going and whether she is into you. If casually meeting with the object of your affection face to face is too difficult to orchistrate then make a phone call. This is a good option but it does mean that you can't communicate as freely as you can in person. Avoid asking her out by email or text message. Not only does it make you chicken, but it's also impersonal. She won't be able to see what a great guy you are.

Get the conversation going
Approach her with a smile and a cheerful greeting. If you've only met once or twice before, remind her of your name and where you met. Make it clear that you're pleased to see her. Start the conversation by talking about that last meeting and use this as a launch pad to move onto other topics. Remember that nothing is flattering as someone wanting to know all about you, so ask lots of questions and remember to listen to the answers. Be amusing, Lao women always go for men that make them laugh.

Body language
Alot of advice on body language is too complex to discuss but all you need to do is remember this, look into her eyes and if she returns your gaze it's going well, but it she avoids eye contact it means that she's not really into you. Other positive signs are fiddling with her hair, exposing her neck or making physical contact with you.

Drop in the line
Once the conversation is flowing, hit her with a line "maybe we could meet for a drink some time? If she says "yes" then that's a good result. Be ready to back your line with a suggestion, be it drinks, lunch or doing an activity together? Keep it casual. If this initial date goes well, you can move onto a dinner date or an evening out. Seal the deal by confirming a time and exchanging phone numbers.

If she says "no", there's no harm done and carry on with the conversation. Don't take it too personally or bare a grudge, it just wasn't meant to be. You never know, your confidence and attitude may make her regret her decision.

If she is non-committal. This is an inital rejection but she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Carry on with the conversation and give her your phone number. If she changes her mind, she will know how to reach you.

Move on
Whatever the result, be proud of yourself. If she said "no" don't take it too hard. There could be many reasons why she is not interested in you. For example she may already have a boyfriend or you're probably just not her type. It's always better to give it a shot and be rejected than spend your life thinking "what if". Remember that nothing ventured is nothing gained and for every girl who is not interested in you there will be many more who are. If she said "yes", congratulations!

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