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City Lao Girls Versus Countryside Girls

There are some advantages or disadvantages in having a relationship with a Lao woman from the city or countryside depending on how you look at it.

Lao women from all parts of Laos are gentle and polite people because a typical buddhist Lao upbringing engenders Lao women with the importance of manners and respect for others. But there are some clear differences between Lao women from the city and countryside and we will talk more about that.

But firstly, what defines a city girl and a countryside girl? Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse are the only three cities in Laos. They don't look or feel like a city if we compare them to other cities in the world that have big skylines and many people, but in Laos they are still listed as major cities so when we talk of city girls, we are referring to ladies from Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse.

Countryside ladies come from the rural regions of Laos such as Champassak, Paksan, Thakhek, Salavan, Savannakhet, Phonsavan and many more towns and villages where the primary activity of most families is rice cultivation, fishing, owning farm animals and making handicrafts during their spare time.

So what's the difference? Well city Lao girls usually have a better education than countryside Lao girls. In Laos, high educational institutions such as universities and colleges are only available in the city. Therefore city girls tend to have better english skills, literacy and other knowledge. Schools in the countryside are only suitable for teaching young children, so adult ladies from the countryside who wish to get a higher level of education must go to a city in Laos or even travel to a nearby country such as Thailand and Vietnam. But it's easier said than done because even if they want to go to the city or another country for education, they need to have money.

City ladies are also more adaptable to new cultures because their lifestyle is modern and this ensures that they quickly make new friends with westerners. They own high-tech gadgets such as mobile phones, digital cameras, microwaves, washing machines and they have access to computers and the internet to connect them to the rest of the world. Lao women from the city are more wealthy than those from the countryside because they have more opportunities to earn money. City Lao girls are obviously not rich compared to other people in the western world, but they are rich for Lao standards.

Lao girls from the countryside have good bush survival skills because they grew up in an environment where their family doesn't have alot of money, there are no restaurants, or they are located too far from their village so they can't just go out to buy food whenever they are hungry. Countryside girls know how cook at a very young age and they have the ability to survive by eating alot of rice with very little or no meat during times when fish are extremely difficult to catch.

Countryside Lao girls usually dress more conservatively than city Lao girls. That doesn't mean that city Lao girls don't like to wear the traditional Lao skirt (sinh), but you will see more Lao girls wear short skirts, dress, jeans, hot pants, and sexy shorts in the city than you would in the countryside. There are two reasons why countryside Lao girls dress conservatively. They can't afford to buy modern clothing to keep up with the fashion and the other reason is fear of being judged negatively by people in her village.

City Lao girls are more expensive to marry than a Lao girl from the countryside. Well, I guess that really depends on the person and her parents requirements, but generally speaking marrying a city Lao girl usually costs more money because it's all about saving face. A countryside Lao girl and her parents are usually happy to receive anything since they are poor and they feel inferior. But sometimes marrying a poor Lao girl can be a headache and cost you more money than you realise if the motives of her parents is to allow you to marry their daughter to make it easier to request money from you when they need it. To put it in simpler terms, they may use you down the track. Hopefully you don't get into that situation.

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