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The Character Of A Lao Girl

The most important step in finding a Lao girlfriend is to know the type of girl that you really want in your life. If you don't this then you will never know when you've found her.

What sort of personality do you consider to be a quality Lao girl? Figuring this out now doesn't mean that a Lao girl must meet your exact criteria, but at least it helps to start with some objective in mind.

You will never find a Lao girl who is 100% like you, or exactly what you want in a girl. For instance, you might like to eat steak and mashed potatoes while she might like to eat sticky rice and papaya salad, or you might like to go to church and she likes to go to the buddhist temple. Your dream girl might be someone who is funny and makes you laugh, but the girl you actually meet and fall in love with might be opposite to that and she is a serious person.

The point that I'm trying to make is that everybody is different in this world. So instead of wasting your time searching for a Lao girl who is an exact match, look for the girl who is willing to change and she already has 80% of what you want and you can grow the other 20% together. People can't change alot but they can still have a minor change, so even if she can only manage to change 10% and you can change 10% of something about yourself, then you have found your match.

If the both of you like to eat different foods as an example I mentioned earlier, she shouldn't have to make two different meals every night to satisfy the both of you, so one of you need to change to be similar. Certain differences in your relationship doesn't need to be changed. You might like rap music and she might be into pop music which is totally irrelevant, but the 20% that you need to grow together should be the important things in your relationship.

You have to remember that you're actually looking for the character in a Lao girl and developing the extra character together that will give you the feeling. That feeling may be a sense of belonging and acceptance, or feeling inner peace, happiness and knowing that she loves and cares for you.

Try not to let yourself be seduced by only her physical characteristics. Your perfect Lao girlfriend has to make you feel the way you want to feel. Physical attributes that seem so important in the beginning become superficial. Height, weight, hair colour, pretty face, sexy figure and all those sorts of things that may have attracted you to her initially will be at the bottom of your list once you get to know her better.

The most important character of a Lao girl is her values, her personality, her interaction style and the way she helps you to feel. Does she give you much attention? Does she seem like someone who will make a good mother and wife? Is she willing to share responsibilities with the house work and earning income? Is she romantic, affectionate, emotional and traditional? Does she like to socialise, or likes to stay in but will go out to dinner with friends once in a while? Is she talkative and keeps you entertained in your life? Is she honest and doesn't like to play games?

So have a think about the sort of character that you like in a Lao girl and that is your 80% girl. Then when you merge two lives together, there is going to be some pain of adjustment to find that extra 20%. The both of you have to be willing to sacrifice some time, space, money, effort, freedom so that you are happy and she is happy. When that is achieved then your relationship is the best that it can be.

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